2354 Lithium 3 volt Battery

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Lithium 3 volt Battery made in Japan the most popular battery brand for watch alarm and electronic devises that demand safe no leak technology 5 batteries on hang sell card



  • Specialised Lithium Battery,Coin Cell
  • Application     Memory Back Up (MBU),Toy, Game, Instrument, Electronic
  • Chemistry     Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • Voltage     3V
  • Nominal Capacity     560mAh
  • Size     Coin
  • Width     23mm
  • Height     5.4mm
  • Weight     5.9g

Also known as: DL2354, BR2354, KL2354, L2354, ECR2354, KCR2354, E-CR2354, KECR2354

This CR2354 battery perfectly fit Polar heart rate monitors. (S510, S520, S625X, S725, S720i, 720i, S720i, 720i, 610, 510 etc). These heart monitors have a contoured recess that fits the tapered shape of the Panasonic version of the CR2354.

CR2354 cells  are used as CMOS batteries in laptops and in a variety of other specialist applications.