M391 [381] x10 Batteries

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battery 39 for watch toy electrical devise highest quality from Seiko mercury FREE


10 pce 391 mercury free batteries by Seiko

The 391 Battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries:
SR1120W, SR55, SR1121, SB-BS/ES, 280-30, L, V391, D391, 609, S1121E, GP391, AG8, AG-8, 391, 191, L1121, G8, VG8GA, LR1120, CA26, V8GS, SG8, 391A, 391X, V8GA, GP191, LR55, SB-BS, SR1120PW, E391

Size: 2.1mm x 11.6mm
Voltage: 1.55v

Type:- Silver Oxide


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